September 8 – 11, 2017
Davao City

The UPRising PH has come at a very crucial time for the nation. When the Lord led the National Dream Team to do the gathering in Davao City, Mindanao, little did they know that the Marawi War would take place and that the country’s President would put Mindanao under Martial Law for the duration of the armed conflict. While this news deterred some would-be goers, it also sparked an intercessory fire in the young people. Because of security reasons an outdoor prayer gathering was not allowed to be held, but the Solemn Assembly in Mindanao still became a defining moment.

One of the important highlights during the convergence was the Rapid Fire Prayer Time. As the 17 regions of the Philippines were called out one-by-one, representatives from the respective regions rose to their feet, and the entire gymnasium thundered with prayers from everyone else. During those moments, the Philippines was not an archipelago; it was ONE NATION. Regionalism, which had long divided its people, was drowned in shouts of affirmations and prophetic declarations. When faced with the threat of losing their kababayans (countrymen) from the southern part of the country, the nation was confronted with their deep history of indifference and offense. Nevertheless, the Lord broke down barriers, and is continuing to restore love and build relationships between the generations and the regions.