October 5 – 8, 2017

Entitlement mentality in the church is something that was challenged by UPRising MN. Where believers are so used to just receiving and coming to church only for what they can get, UPRising MN believed for the reversal of; it challenged the Body of Christ, especially the youth, to rise up as Davids of today. Once the youth embraced the truth of their identity and destiny, and saw that the world is bigger than themselves, they discovered their potential to go deeper in intercession for their nation.

One prophetic moment that was a highlight in the gathering was when a 9-month pregnant woman led worship and danced recklessly on the stage. It became a prophetic declaration that a new generation is being born in Mongolia and that God is calling families into service in the ministry.

The Solemn Assembly, which was held right in front of the Parliament at the ground zero of Ulaanbatar, was the first time in the history of Mongolia that a gathering like it happened. About 3,500 people gathered and were inspired to stand up and become a light to the nation, again. After the convergence, different movements and even the government has started to take action against issues like sexual abuse, which was once neglected by society. It has truly sparked a transformation in the nation.