Strategy From Heaven


When I got saved in the Jesus Movement, we experienced a youth revival like no other. So many were getting saved and turning to God. The beaches of Los Angeles were venues for massive baptism. It was a movement not led by one specific group or person, but a movement led by the Holy Spirit. However, after a few years, the movement died. The older generation of believers rejected the form of the Jesus Movement because this young generation was extreme, long haired, rugged, very informal; many of whom were engaged in the hippie lifestyle of the 60’s. Church doors were closed, and many new believers fell away.

Why did the movement die? Isolation. Satan shot it dead by keeping the generations apart. This is evident in the prejudices seen between the generations. We had a saying going around those days: “You can’t trust anybody who is above 30 years old.”

Ironically at the same time, three movements were born: the Women’s Liberation Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Gay Rights Movement. These three movements are still present, but the Jesus Movement is dead. Why? Because it was a movement only by the youth– one generation that did not include the older generation. Satan knew that if he could break the link between the two generations, he could kill the move of God.

And he did.

If we are going to have another Jesus Movement all over the world, we must make sure that the link is never broken between the generations. That is why the spirit and the power of Elijah is necessary to secure the link and to keep the passion and fire for each generation burning. God is not sending a hero from the past to conduct a mere emotional reconciliation between a father and a son, but He is going to mend the generational link by touching heroes, both old and the young at the same time. It has to be a two-way move. This is why the next Jesus Movement should not just be a youth movement, but a two generations movement. Without both, isolation will win.

A battle cry summarizes it all:

Where are the Fathers and Mothers who will live for the destiny of their spiritual children? Where are the sons and daughters who will live for the honor of their spiritual parents?

This is GENERATIONAL TRANSFER–when one generation secures the flow of God’s vision and moves it to the next generation. This makes the present generation more powerful. All the strength of the previous generation rests in them, as seen in the Bible where God is proclaimed as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

God foresaw this thousands of years ago. He knew that there would be a generation so powerful and unique, that people around them would have a hard time understanding and accepting them. So, He prophesied that He would send Elijah the prophet to break the isolation of one generation and restore the link between the two generations in order to fulfill His end-time plan. And so here we are today, struggling with our teenagers at home and in church.

I have seen this synergy between the generations lost in many nations. Revival broke out somewhere, but that revival was never transferred. The result is that the place where revival happened ended up in a worse condition than it ever was–even before the revival. Wales, which experienced the most powerful revival the world has ever seen, is currently struggling with church growth. Why? Have we lost the art of Generational Transfer? Have we forgotten how the Ancients did it?

It is interesting that in Malachi 4:6, it says that once the link between generations is restored, the curse on the land is removed. That is a promise of power. The curse will be lifted, defeated, or canceled once the link between fathers and sons is restored.

I see that our spiritual land is cursed. Before, when the gospel was shared, many responded. Today, people are not responding so easily. I used to say that when there is revival, EVERYTHING works. Every strategy–no matter how silly–would all work. People would respond and get saved. There used to be a time when we would play guitars on the street corners in front of schools, and we’d get a crowd, and people would say YES to Jesus. Today, almost nothing works. A total opposite. Even the best strategy seems to bring in very little harvest, or as the fishermen would say, “the fish ain’t biting!” Is it possible that the spiritual land is cursed?

When is a land cursed? If a farmer plants a sack of wheat, he expects to harvest around 50 sacks after the planting season. When that happens, we can say that the land is good. But if the farmer plants a sack and he harvests only half a sack, we can say that the land is cursed. Translate that to revival.

Today, many pastors are burning out. Many are overworked, yet their hands yield very little fruit or harvest.

Is it possible that the land is cursed, and that we need the spirit and power of Elijah to restore the link and remove the curses in our cities and our nations?

This is the reason why we need to go back to the Ancient Path –the Path of Elijah where the link is never broken and the curse is always lifted. Then revival can come anytime, and it can last.

In Jeremiah 6:16, it says, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls.’”

Let us rediscover the ANCIENT PATH. Let us find rest for a burnt out lifestyle. And let us see revival sustained in our land.